Artist Statement


Verena Gaudy



Born in 1975 and raised in Austria, I was one of the first generation of schoolchildren to be taught about my country's horrific involvement in the Third Reich. Exposed to the stark, graphic footages of the 2nd World War, I could not help but feel overwhelmed and guilty. The images of the starved bodies in the concentration camps, the suffering on the battlefields throughout Europe and the sheer madness of the Nazi regime, had a very strong impact on my life. The 1986 disastrous nuclear accident in Chernobyl made me further recognize mankind's two distinct potentials: creation and destruction.


In my recent work, I want to question the manipulation that leads up to yet another armed struggle. Question the fact why violence is so ingrained in human behavior, why we have this perpetual need for conflict. Question the fact that the US department of defense is the biggest employer worldwide. The fact that so few people profit and so many lose. Lose lives, property, cultures, heritage, dignity and being “human”. I am not concerned to represent the effects of war, the suffering, the displacement. I am more engrossed by the fact that there ARE still wars, that war IS still seen as a solution. The absurdity that war always was and war always will be. The fact that this need for destruction is a human distinction.